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Independent consultant valuer.

Valuation purposes

There are different types of valuations depending on the purpose required. Retail replacement for insurance purposes is the most common type of valuation. The other types of market contrasts with the above market as equivalent to selling items on the open market or turning assets into cash which can be generally described as a sale between a willing buyer and a willing seller taking into consideration saleability and physical condition. These normally refer to Family law, Family Division, Estate Probate and Auction Realisation.

In the event of a claim, specified items in a valuation report will expedite a claim and help result in correct compensation from the insurance company.

Valuations provide:

  • Current replacement values to reflect today’s marketplace
  • Proof of ownership of your assets
  • Full detailed inventory of your assets
  • Professional close-up photographs included in your report
  • As an aid in positive identification in the case of theft, disappearance or accident
  • Verification of facts as represented by a seller
  • Accurate grading of diamonds
  • Thorough descriptions of jewellery, watches and antique silver
  • Correct identification of Antique jewellery as opposed to copies or reproductions
  • Jewellery may be cleaned in order to obtain correct grading of diamonds and gemstones

Qualified gemmologist and jewellery valuer.